Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Top Things to Know About How We Choose Our MVPs

 Things to Know About How We Choose Our MVPs

Salesforce MVP nominations are in full swing and we are incredibly exhilarated to award our next MVP class in just a few days! While we work on engendering the final list of MVPs that will be awarded in this round, we mentally conceived this would be a great opportunity to apportion with our community how the MVP nomination process works.

All Salesforce MVPs hold their position for a one-year term. We optically canvass re-rewarding Salesforce MVPs at the cessation of each one-year term, taking into consideration their contributions to the community throughout the precedent year.

If you have someone in mind that you would relish to nominate to be awarded the designation of Salesforce MVP, please take a moment to fill out the form and provide a concise explication of your nomination.  Things to consider when making your nominations

Why should this individual be a Salesforce MVP?
Does this individual go above and beyond ? Do they give exceptional accommodation?
How do they demonstrate expertise and involution in the Salesforce Prosperity Community (Answers, Conceptions, Chatter) or the Power of Us Hub?

Are they involved in Utilizer Groups or Developer Groups?

Are they actively verbalizing about Salesforce on convivial media/online (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn,, StackExchange)?

Are they active in the Partner Community or AppExchange community?
Do you consider this person a cerebration-bellwether?

Thanks so much for fortifying the Salesforce community! We can’t wait to promulgate our incipient class of Salesforce MVPs!

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